Are you being bullied?

Are you being bullied?

Do you want to know if your being bullied? Well in this quiz you can get a rough idea. Trust me, i know what it feels like.

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Do you feel left out and alone?

Yeah, i seem to find myself being alone most of the
Nope! I have a lot of friends who i am with

Have you been backstabbed lately? Has some of your so called friends started saying nasty things about you?

I dunno...
If they do i dont know anything about it? They might do...

Have some of your so-called-friends ditched you for each other?

Yeah!:( they left me all alone they're right beeps!
Nope:) we all look out for eachother:)

At school are you afraid to turn a corner incase that someone sees you...?

Nah! I aint afraid of anyone!
Yeah... i dont know what they will do to me this time!!!:(

Do people whisper in-front of you?

Yeah.. it's a joke to them but its not funny:(
Nope! Whispering is rudeee!:)
Yeah but i try not to take much notice of them.

Do you find yourself twitching a lot?

Whats this got to do with anything... :L
Yeah? Strange enough i do...

If you think you are being bullied, what would you describe it as?

I dunno...
Physical (Actually hurting you... )
Verbal (Bad mouthing you)
Indirectly... (Someone spreading rumours about you)
Cyberbullying (Someone saying nasty things over the internet/messages/email)
Threatening (When they threaten you to do something)
Excluding (When someone excludes you on purpose)
Nothing... next question please...

How many trusted best-friends do you have?

ALOT! I can trust everyone!
A couple... Maybe just one or two..
I don't really have best-friend, i think its mean to rule out people:3

Do people shove you and swear at you?

I cant remember, but yeah sometimes, just for a laugh!
No! I can stand up for myself! Either way, my friends protect me!
Yeah they do:(

What do you do when you come home?

Play out with my friends!
Come home full of tears and cry;(
Um... Play games on the laptop...
None of them