What Holiday Are You?

What Holiday Are You?

Helloz!! Diz Quiz will tell you what holiday you are. P.S: Thank you @Grace123 for this Awzume idea. :) Also PS: I Think i'm adicted 2 the letter "Z" Lol... Have fun! :D

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Helloz! I Know thiz iz on every quiz, But what iz ur favorite color?

Any thing bright like yellow,pink, or red :)
BLACK. simply BLACK.
Pink red, or white

Whatz your favorite animal? :)

Anything nice & sweet :)
Black Cat.
Love birdz :)
Bunny :)

Whatz ur favorite band? :)

One Direction or Big Time Rush :)
Any band who sings emo music.
Umm..Whatever My Lover's fave band is!
New Boyz! :D

Pick a smiley,love :)


Did you have fun,love? :)

Yes! love this quiz & life! :)
Sorry got 2 go my lover just called!
Eh... it waz okay...