What Style are You?

What Style are You?

Would you like to know what clothes best suit you? And what you are?? Find out here!

published on July 17, 201240 responses 4 3.6★ / 5

If you had to travel with your class for 3 days what type of clothes would you bring?

Black clothes with skulls and spiky things.
Any colorful tee, skirts, jeans - but ALL colorful.
Big fat glasses with overalls and and blouses.
Cute dresses with jewelry and fancy shoes to mach.
Any neon shirts or tang-tops; jeans; short shorts. All at least a little bit neon.
Tee, Sneakers, Shorts, Jeans.

What person are you from your little "friend bunch"?

Normal with good grades and nice.
Funky fun.
Pretty Fashonista
Good grades, top student, teachers pet.
Happy, optimistic, colorful.
Black, dull, alone.

What do you do in spare times?

Hang out with friends do craftwork and smile.
Design clothes, go shopping.
Research, study, homework.
Have fun with friends and do crazy fun stuff.
Go to the cemetery or look up pics about it.
Go on the computer, chat, read, play with friends.

Whats your favorite color?

Pink, Purple, Gold, Silver. Fashion colors...
I like all colors.
Neon colors.
Black dull colors.
I go with anything.

What did you think of the quiz?

Uhr could be better...This world could be better uhr I hate it all..boring.
I loved it thank you so much for making it can't wait to see the results!!!
I would prefer an actual sciency/mathy quiz..but otherwise it was ok...
All I care now are my clothes not this quiz...but if you insist it was good..minmum fine...
It was super fun thanks :) Peace!!
Good normal quiz.