The Personality Quiz!

The Personality Quiz!

What are you!?! Would you want to know the truth...Find out in this quiz

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What do you do in your free time?

I'm usually alone.
Just hang out with your friends.
Homework - extra credit most of the time.
Think about cute new outfits to wear, but still hanging out with friends.
Go to the corner where you and your few friends usually go to so nobody bothers you.
Play sports with the boys.
Act all fun and crazy.

You bump into an old friend on the street. What do you say?

Hello! So nice to see you again! Come over tonight so we can chat !
Uhr. - then just walk away
Hey sup! Watcha been up to lately?!
Hey! How are you doing? Come let's talk in the cafe!
Hello. How are you today? Come let me tell you about my science experiment!
Hello! How have you been? After the answer just walk away.
Hey how are you doing? Wanna go to the park and play sports?

What type of friends do you have?

A lot of cool and fun friends - I'm basically friends with everybody in school!
A lot of girl friends!
I only have 1 - the only one I ever talk to.But I can really rely on her/him
All sorts of friends! They love getting a little crazy with me sometimes!
I only have a couple of friends.
The people in the math/science/physics etc.clubs.
Boy friends.

How would your friends describe you? And be Honest!

Fun! Crazy! Awesome!
Girly Fashionista
Mean and Rude.
Nicest person ever!
Smarty Pants.

What would you wear i you were invited to a party?

Tee, jeans, and sneakers.
Funky, neon, cute, outfit.
Super cute dress with matching jewelry and shoes.
I'd rather do extra credit homework.
Anything...all i want is to have fun
My only friends tell me what to wear..if they usually have enough ppl for a party
You aren't usually invited to parties.

The teacher just announced you have a 2 page essay due the next week. How do you respond?

Do You have to do a presentation - because I would have to know what to wear...
I'll do it quick so I can go to the park and practice my sports.
You don't say anything
YAY! Is it o.k. if I do an extra page, what are the rules, give me more details!
Okay..I guess as long as I get to have fun!
Uhr, really another essay why doesn't she/he just have us make a poster or something...
Well If its part of school.. If anyone needs help I''m available Tuesdays and Fridays.

good at it.. good a4e