Are you a good Friend?

Are you a good Friend?

Find out if you are a Great,Normal,or Terrible friend. Try out more quizzes!

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A friend is in a fight what do you do?

Do nothing this is their fight!
Tell the nearest adult.
You tell them both to stop fighting please and if they
don't you tell an adult about the issue

The new kid is at school he is sitting alone at the Lunch table looking sad. what do you do?

I stay at MY cool table with MY cool friends he can be
alone all the year for all I care!
You go sit with him and have a nice talk.
You walk over and invite him to your table with your

Your friend picks on one of the smaller kids. how do you respond?

I join my friend! We're just TEASING him/her So what!?
You go over and hang out with both of them they
could use a little talk to have them be Friends
You go and tell you friend who is being mean to stop it
and if they don't you tell an adult and hang out with
the Smaller kid.

The kid in science class asks you out he is a,Geeky,Weird,and Smart (TO SMART!) person. What do you say?

Of course I use him! If he is my partner HE can do all
the work on our Science project!
You tell him you'll respond later and it's an
''ACCIDENT''when you forget you gotta let him down
You tell him You like him... But just as a friend You say
sorry and don't bring it up the rest of the day

Okay... Final question. You see your Bff hanging with you man! What is your action?

Walk away and act like I didn't see anything I'll wait for
people to tell me.
I tell my friend that I am dating him later.The next day
I will break up with my Bf and make sure he knows why