are you prim or rue?

are you prim or rue?

are you ready to take an awesome quiz? find out if you are a amazing slingshot girl or a girl who is experiencing her sister in the HUNGER GAMES!!

published on July 15, 201264 responses 19
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what do you do for bread?

ask your sister are you bringing any bread home today?
are you crazy?? your not gonna get any bread unless you do the hunger games and you'll get killed!!

what is you favorite hairstyle?

in two braids
in pigtails

do you have a pet

yes but my sister hates it
no it would be an extra mouth to feed

what do you do if you get hurt?

put chewed up leaves on it
i don't get hurt my sister looks after me

whats your favorite activity out of these?

trying to get goat cheese out of my goat it will take hours
the capitol makes me pick crops