What kind of parent are you?

What kind of parent are you?

A quiz that gives several parental types based off the results of preferred methods of parenting.

published on July 15, 2012257 responses 40
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Do you believe in hitting your kids?

Yes, they need to learn.
No, there ARE alternatives to abuse
I don't believe in "beating" them..
Only if the husband does so
NO, they will hate me
Depends, very rarely

What do you do if your kid wants to go away?

Follow them or make them wear a tracking anklet
Support them 100% and pay for everything
Not allow them to go until they are in their early
20, and think more like me, the right adult
Talk everything over gently and make decisions
that the child is comfortable with
Talk them into staying with the family and being
Let if go and let them make their own mistakes

What do you expect your kids to do during school vacations?

Stay home and get chores done, they have all the
time to do everything I want them to
Hang with friends, shopping, etc.
Just stay within vision
Help Dad out at work
What kids do, sleep in, play, maybe study here
and there, just relax.
Anything they want

How do you react in arguments?

Hit the kid for not seeing my way, and yell at
them to make them fear me
Slap them on the spot and tell them to shut up
Walk away and hope the problem goes away
Stop talking and let the kid speak, then I talk and
we come to an agreement without screaming
Let the kid talk, they might know more than me
Not listen to what they have to say, I know more,
I'm a parent!

Would you control your child's dating relationship?

Never, that's not my business
No.. but I would need their family history, GPA,
and an interview to ensure they are safe to be
No, as long as they are happy
Somewhat, I don't want them to
see/text/call/contact each other all the time
Not really, I would set curfews but I don't care if
they aren't like me, I'm not the one dating them.
Only if i think they are unsuitable. My children
have to date what I think is right.

When do you think the kid should start their homework?

After all the chores are done
Whenever/wherever, I just have to see it
As soon as they get home, school is more
After they play
After they cook dinner
Just before bed

How old do you believe a child should start doing things without the help others?

When I'm too old to do stuff myself
When they want

What is a family vacation to you?

A place where everyone gets spoiled
A place where they think it will be fun
A place for educational learning
A place to let the kids explore on their own
A place they all agree and want to go on before
officially booked
A place with a nice scenery but your kids are on
a tight leash

What are your ideas when referring to housework?

The mother cleans everything
Everyone does THEIR OWN work, nobody else's
No one can do more than the other, young kids
have to do something too so they don't fight
They do them, I watch to make sure they do it
Everybody does everybody's work
They get done whenever

What do you do if your kid is sick in school?

Let them tough it out
Give them candy, it makes them happy
Deal with it, I'm not taking off from work
If it is serious, I want temperature, heart rate,
and blood pressure
If it's something they can't nap off, I would take
off from work to bring them to the Dr
They probably just don't want to take a test.. let
them fake it a little longer until the next class.

Is it normal for a parent to know basic interests about their kids? Colors, foods, movies, styles, etc?

I don't need to know, I give them food and
shelter, that's enough
Absolutely! I'm their parent, it's my job to know
my kid.
Well.. they naturally like what I do
Yes, I have to make them happy
Duh, they're like my best friend!
I know enough to keep track of them

What do think about the kids rooms?

They have to share a room
It not my room.. I can't tell them how to keep it
It can be as colorful, abstract, plain, artsy or
creative as they want. It's their sanctuary.
It must be perfectly in order, nothing on walls,
no useless decorations, and neat.
Shouldn't it represent them?
As long as it is not a rated R or explicit room

When is the child eligible for parental permission for dating?

High school, if the kid is happy
Middle School, i guess
High School, only if i like them
When I trust their maturity

How do you know you have failed as a parent?

When my child aways secretly hated the way I
"protected" them
When they want to leave home because they
want to get away from ME
When my child doesn't trust me with gossip
When my child lies and does drugs
When my child doesn't want to follow the family
When I realize I was a hypocrite for wanting them
to obey me, but me not hearing them out

What is more important to do as they are growing up?

Sports and physical training, get them healthy
School and academics
Socializing, friends and facebook/media sites
Chores, working and staying home
Anything I can easily track
Anything that builds a variety of skills