whitch power puff girl are you

whitch power puff girl are you

now you blossom bubbles or buttercup! you will find out soon this quiz is super quick!

published on July 14, 201249 responses 10 3.5★ / 5


how do you do?(how do i do what?)
hi!!! i love puppies and rainbows and unicorns and what your favorite color?!?!

there is a monster attaking town what do you do?

think of a plan to confuse then defeat the furiouses beast!
i will kick his butt as long as it is not cute ok??

do you watch power puff girls

no but i like them
i am obbsessed with them

do you like twilight?

Jingle bells twilight smells edward ran away bella died
jabob cried potter all the way!(your awsome!)
NO!!! THEY ALL STINK!(yay!! you rock)
YES!!! (you stink!)

what words describe your personallity?

brave daring courages witty funny goof and silly
not smart brave stong athletic and loves to kick butt
i too afraid to tell you