Would You Rather?

Would You Rather?

Hello! ;D If you read the title,you'd know that this is a Would You Rather quiz! :) Have Fun,Love! ;)

published on July 14, 2012178 responses 34 4.0★ / 5

Would you rather listen 2 Rap & Hip hop or R&B?

Rap & Hip Hop <3

Whould you rather love justin bieber or one direction? (GIRLS ONLY. IF YOUR A BOY,PRESS "i'm a boy".)

Justin b.
1 Direction
I'm a boy

Would you rather hug me or kiss me? (BOYS ONLY. IF YOUR A GIRL PRESS "i'm a girl")

Hug me <3
Kiss me <3
i'm a girl

Would you rather finish this quiz or leave?

Finish :D
Leave. *Gone*

Would you rather say "bye" 2 me or click the mad face?

"Bye!!" :D
mad face >:(