Are you a good friend? (2)

Are you a good friend? (2)

This quizz will hopefully help you to find out wether you are a good friend or wether you are a bad friend!

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Your friend is hurt! but if you went to help them you would be late to a lesson and maybe get a detention! you would...

See if they were okay but then quickly hurry to get to
Just say oh are you okay and even if they say not
really you would say "i need to get to class!"
Run over to them and say "OMG are you okay, here let me help you" and take them to the first aid teacher. But then later explain to your teacher why you were late.

Your friend wants to go out shopping with you, but your family have got little plans... so you

Explain to your friend why you cant come and ask to arrange it some other day.
Tell your friend you have better family things to do.
Ask your parents if the family stuff is really important and if it is then explain that to your friend but if its not then beg and beg for then to let you go out with your friend.

Your in a test and your friend is really bad but they dont want to fail so they ask you for the answers... do you

Say "okay ill tell you a couple but i cant tell you all of them"
Say "soz but i cant help you because its a test and IF WE GET CAUGHT WE COULD GET REALLY BADDY TOLD OFF"
Say "okay, here are my answers but i cant help you every test but i will help you this one time"

You meet someone new and they ask you to sit with them at lunch but your friend also wants you to sit with them to discuss the latest gossip... do you

Tell the new kid "sorry maybe ill sit with you someother day"
Tell your friend "so sorry but this kid is new and they need someone to sit with them just today, im sorry"
Just ditch your friend and go to hang out with the new kid

When you and your friend make plans to meet up but then you dont feel very well... do you

Say to your friend " im not feeling well arrange it some other day"
Explain to your friend that you arnt feeling well and apologize loads of times.
Even if you feel ill you still make the effort to see your friend even if youhave to make the day out a little shorted its still wort hanging ouot with your friend!