What desire is your parent

What desire is your parent

Possible random, but there are ten, Vengeance, Greed, Pride, Envy, Joy, Misery, Wrath, Peace, Cheat, and Logic. They are my character, so have fun ^^

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You see someone with lots of Money and jewelry. they look rich and well off, but they look sad and like they could use help. You...

Walk over and try to see if you can't end up getting a
little money or something, they look sad? What? Oh
well, their loss.
Glare at them, of course, they must have a perfect
You don't know them. Money is nothing, and a strangers sadness is there own. they are just another person.
Feel uncomfortable by the sad aura around them but ask whats wrong anyway to see if you can cheer them up!
Great another sad soul.
To busy, to much of your own matters to worry about to help out.
Growl and shout at them for being so lucky and sad at the same time! Pathetic!
I have better things to do, like read.
Walk over and talk kindly to them ask them what is wrong, see if they are ok.
Bump into them and pretend it was an clumsy slip then, when when you are helping them up, swipe their wallet.

What color do you love?


Someone starts to mock you and call you names. You...

Cry and start to scream that they are wrong, you are perfect.
Scream with fury, and, with no weapon, lung at them and start clawing there face as badly as you can. Tear at there skin until there is blood.
Sigh at how foolish they are being and block it out.
Hit them and yell that they are childish brat and if they want to act that way they need to do it to someone who isn't you.
Act calm, until just the right time to get back at them. Perhaps wait till they are most vulnerable to attack
Your confused to why they don't like you, but ignore them and start to hum and giggle thinking of what fun you had earlier
*sigh* like I didn't already know everything they say is true. It doesn't matter.
ask them if they make a bet with you if they will leave you alone, and , of course, win. they laugh at them until they leave
Disarm every comment he makes with a smart comeback until he decided that all he is doing is looking like an idiot.
Wonder what his life is like to make him be able to say this stuff, and start to long for that life.

You see a kid being picked on physically and verbally by other kids. You...

Walk over and ask them why they are being so hateful and demand they stop, or you won't leave until there parents show up, which could be some time later.
Smile and join into the fun
Roll you eyes, all of those people are stupid. You were far better than all of them.
Walk over and ask why they are picking on the weaker kid. If they have no good answer. Hit them, and tell the kid to watch his back better.
Scream at everyone and start violently attacking them all, even the weaker kid.
Feel hopelessly sorry for the kid, but it would be better if you didn't get involved.
*sigh* I wonder how sad that kid will be later. i sure can relate.
Walk over and ask them why they are doing such a stupid thing. When they argue tell them they are all idiots and, in a clam voice tell they to leave him alone, or you will make them regret it.
Wait and watch, and when they have finished their fun. See if you can pick any money off the kid.
Glare at all the noise and wonder what that kid could have done to get the negative attention of so many others

You see a homeless person. he is asleep by a hat of money. You...

Score! Take his money and run.
Think of how he must have some people care if they give him money. He's lucky.
Ponder about taking his money but decide he isn't worth your time.
Look at him with pity and put money in his hat and skip away humming.
Look at him and sigh at how he couldn't rally be to sad to sleep so soundly.
Hurry and walk past. Your far to good to be near someone like him.
Wake him up calmly and offer him food or a place to stay.
Give some money and can't help but be curious on his story, but decide you would rather be reading, and hurry off.
Just another person. No one special. maybe toss him a buck.
growl at how he has pity and money and you have nothing, and glare coldly as you walk.

Would you rather have a kind happy mother or father?


Have a smart mother or father?


Do you want what others have or are you very content?


A parent who lets you solve your own problems, or one who always sticks up for you.

My own problems thank you.

A parent who makes sure you get what you want, or one who supports your angry.