What do boys think of you?

What do boys think of you?

Hmm...do you guys think about you? how is the question? love, weird, freak? find out now!

published on July 08, 2012636 responses 100
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So hey i know a lot of quizzes asks this question but whats your fav color?

deff pink
moss green
puke green

What do you do in your free time?

I like pracitce to my makeup, hair, and pick out outfits and do like fashion shows kinda
i hang with my friendss
i like watch tv or do sports
i um think about wolves and shows like danny phatom and transformers
i sit home and do nothing and stare into the openess

Um when your with your crush how do you act?

i talk to him like he was my bff
i stare at him while picking my nose jk about the nose picking part
i totally flirt with him or at least try to
i talk about boy shows
i like try to talk to him i say like a couple things a week to him

What name could be a name that your crush has or does?


What type of boy do you like?

The guy who likes wolves like me and stuff
The cute guy
The hot jock sweet guy
The guy who is alright looking but is really smart
The cool guy who i can be myself with and whos like bestfriend

Does your crush ever stare at you or talk to you?

Yea totally! well only really when i answer a question in class
well yea because we talk all the time in class
yea all the time i always catch him staring at me
not really i mean once a year really
i mean no but i stare at him!

Sooo did you like the quiz!

Um no (me: well than)
i mean i guess so
I loved this quiz and i prob love you (me: i love you too)
i just wanna see my results please (me:kk thanks thou really means a lot i put my heart into this and i hope your ashamed of yourself :))