which of my charactors are you?

which of my charactors are you?

there are triplets that I made. their names are candy, cookie, and fruity.

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What describes you most?


Your siblings are teasing you! What do you do?

Leave the area
Run around screaming "omg!omg!omg!omg!"

What colors do you like most?

Pink + Blue
Tan + Brown
Yellow + Red

If your mom tells you to go by the river to play and your sister tells you to jump in the river, what do you do?

Chicken out
Run around screaming "good or bad? good or bad? Good or bad?"

If your a girly girl and your BFF is a tom boy what do yo do?

tell the truth- friends like it when you be yourself
lie- and say they will never find out
...*snore*... huh-wut?

Theres a fire in the house and your locked in your room! what do yo do?!

Cry screaming "MOMMY!!!"
Unlock the door save everyone then get out.My family is more important Than me
Jump out the window. WHEEEEEEEEEEE!

You have a crush on someone but you don't know how to tell them what do you do?

ask for advice
try to impress him/her
go and ask them out.

what is your fave Pokemon

all legendarys
umm... umm... pikachu? absol? ninetails?

this is the last question

yayayayayayayayay! gimme my score!

fooled you!

what the-
yayayayayayayayayay! gimme more questions!