are you Ally Dawson,Rocky Blue or CeCe Jones

are you Ally Dawson,Rocky Blue or CeCe Jones

c which disney gal u r c if you are Ally from Austin and ally rocky from shake it up or cece from shake it up

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what is your hobby

writing a song or work in my daddys shop
dancing or just chilling
studying theres a test tomorrow but other than that i would dance

whats your average outfit?

some bright jeans belly tops with a tank top underneacth and son conver high heels
a dress and layer it with a waistcoat a t-shirt and a belt
a funky skirt girly top and layer layer layer

who do you have a crush on?

the cell phone acceries guy
just a guy

what does your dad or mom work as?

my dads a doctor
my dad owns a music shop
my moms a cop my dads a ......let me think whats that word .....i dont really know

where do you go if you need to go somewhere?

easy! Crustys pizza parlor
the mall
well i go to the bank to pee!i'd go to crustys instead