Which Gregor the Overlander character are you?

Which Gregor the Overlander character are you?

Find out which character you are most like from Gregor the Overlander.

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You are in the jungle and you only have a tiny amount of water left. You promise to let your friend have some but you are dying of thirst. What do you do?

Give it to your friend and wait until they have had as much as they need.
Drink the water. It's not fair that your friend should hog it all.
Take the tiniest sip and hope your friend doesn't notice.
Try and exaggerate your thirst to your friend so they take the hint and let you have it.
Distract yourself from your thirst by fiddling with the grass.

You are stranded on an island and you are dying of hunger. The only food left is a small pile of berries. The rest of have your eye on the food. What do you do?

Try to bear you sore tummy and sleep.
Take one berry and hope that no one had counted them.
Eat them all and flee your fellow questers
Wake up the others and beg for the berries
Look for any types of edible things around you

You have just arrived in the Underland and a giant cockroach is staring at you in the eye. What do you do?

Do whatever it says, it could be deadly
Insult them until they leave you alone
Amuse them
Threaten them
Ask for a ride to the nearest town or village

An army of rats is approaching and the only ways to escape is a tiny tunnel behind you or through the biggest rat's legs. In your hand you hold only a torch. What do you do?

Take the tunnel, it's your only safe bet
Slide through the rat's legs and run for it
Blind them with your torch
Take a sly and meaningful approach
Giggle and beg for a piggy back

You and your friend are running away from spinners but they are gaining on you. In your hand you hold a catch-cloth and a small dagger. What do you do?

Throw the catch-cloth at the nearest spinner and break into an even faster sprint.
Take out as many as you can with the dagger.
Start giggling like crazy and stop to confuse them.
Stop, turn around and convince them that you are on their side.
Throw the dagger at the nearest spinner and continue running.