The Hunger Games - What District would you be from?

The Hunger Games - What District would you be from?

In the nation of Panem, 12 Districts all supply the Capitol with different things. This quiz will tell you which of those Districts your from.

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What is your favorite color?


Your name get's picked at the Reaping, how do you feel?

I will use some skills I already know to win. Like axe throwing!
As long as not everything is about bloody weapon... I should be fine.
If I can hunt animals and eat their meat, I can possibly win.
I volunteered, and I'm so glad I did.
These games are stupid, and I have to participate in them? Ugh.
I have to win, for my district. We barely get winners.
If I stick with my district partner, I should be fine.
I will try to run away from any fights...
I've trained my whole life for this. I'm ready!
I don't expect to win, but if I do that's great!
Well yes I've trained for the Games but I never thought I'd actually be in them...
My name got picked? But I never even claimed Terrasae!

Your about to enter the Arena, you feel?

Getting ready to search for a lake.
I feel scared but I want to see what the other tributes are wearing!
I feel worried but everyone is counting on me.
Getting ready to grab lots of things from the Cornucopia.
Coming up with a power strategy.
I'm panicking, I think I'm going to die!
I feel pumped, I can't wait to kill!
Thinking of the other tributes and what their plans are.
I feel nervous.
Getting ready to look for a tall tree to climb.
Making sure the other tributes don't make eye contact with me.
Hoping that they'll be animals to hunt.

Your at the Cornucopia, waiting. The gong sounds, you...

Grab anything close and hope I'm fast enough to escape!
Grab one of the most useful items and find a lake to camp by.
Run for a pack and get out of there!
Grab as much as I can, killing anyone who gets in my way.
Grabbing a nice knife, easy for skinning animals.
Grab anything near me, maybe a pack and running to a water source.
Grabbing lots of food and a few weapons so I can brag to my allies about how good I am.
Grabbing a few things and getting out of there so no one can notice me.
Just grab an axe so I can get wood for fires!
Grab an inhumane weapon and run!
Get healing items and run away.
Get some fabrics to make a nice, thick coat to keep me warm.

You escaped the Bloodbath, you are now doing what?

Wondering through bushes, quiet as a mouse. Spying on my enemies.
Getting as far away from the Cornucopia, and looking for a water source.
Finding a spot where I won't be disturbed, then make a fire.
Finding my allies and killing more tributes who come by.
Making a fishing rod, so I can get fish to eat!
Running as far away as I can.
Hunting animals, and eating their meat.
Congratulating myself for actually escaping with my life.
Using what I have to make an inhumane weapon.
Perched in a tree, ready to throw an axe at anyone who comes by.
Sharing some of my food with my allies, while bragging how amazing I am at this stuff.
Looking for a nice tree to stay in for a few days. If needed, I can jump to a close by tree if someone sees me.

5 tributes remain, how did you get this far?

I just keep running, avoiding anyone who comes close.
Jumping from tree to tree if anyone notices me.
I killed most of the tributes.
I'm an amazing axe thrower, that's how!
Sharing my food with my allies whilst sharing theirs. But I know that out of us I will win.
Creeping around taking other tribute's supplies.
I've eaten lots of meat from animals I have killed.
I've used mines and other inhumane weapons to kill tributes.
I made an alliance, they healed my wounds and we shore food.
I've got lots of fish to eat, plus my private lake is well hidden.
I've made lots of nice warm clothes to keep me alive.
I'm actually this far? Wow! I think people forgot about me.

You won the Hunger Games! How do you feel?

Well obviously I won, I killed nearly every tribute!
I won!? I just stayed out of everyone's way...
Being sneaky sure pays off...
My amazing district partner helped me.
My allies shore their supplies, which I took and I outlasted them all!
My inventions killed off tributes.
I know what animals to kill, and how to cook their meat.
Great! I posed weak to make me look easy and came out a fighting machine!
Yay, I won! Everyone will be so proud!
Wow, I won? My fast feet really pay off.
I still hate these games, I don't care if I won them.
Well, I really never doubted myself winning.

If you got to pick where you lived, where would you live?

A place with forests.
A place with lots of technology.
A place with lots of factories.
A place with amazing buildings.
A place by the ocean.
A place with lots of amazing vehicles.
A place with lots of animals.
A place with lots of light.
A place that is amazingly clean.
A place that is overcrowded.
A place where everyone is friendly to one another.
A place that is large in size.

What is your favorite weather?

Lightning storm.
Hot with a cool breeze.
Gentle showers with sun.
I don't have a favorite.


Making clothes.
Cutting down trees.
Making new things.
I don't know.
Playing with my pets.
Helping my family.
Growing food.
I don't have a hobby.

Dream job?

Car designer.
Factory Worker.
Ranch Worker.
I don't know/Other.

If you had to use a weapon, which one would it be?

Anything that hurts people.
Don't know.
Wire or any other inhumane weapons.
Bow and Arrows.

Which district do you want to be in?

District 1.
District 2.
District 3.
District 4.
District 5.
District 6.
District 7.
District 8.
District 9.
District 10.
District 11.
District 12.