Would You Date Me? (BOYS ONLY)

Would You Date Me? (BOYS ONLY)

It's exactly what the title says so please please please be honest and have fun! :)

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I LOVE to write. Your response?

Cool, I enjoy writing too.
That's neat. I don't write but it's neat you do it.
Writing's stupid.

I don't wear makeup and I wear t-shirt and jeans w/ sneakers everyday. What do you think?

You probably don't need makeup. I don't like girls that wear all that crap anyway.
Why would you dress like that?
You should wear makeup.

I hum or sing ALL THE TIME. Would you get annoyed?

Yes! Shut up!
I'm sure you're voice is beautiful.
I would listen to every note.

I LOVE animals. What about you?

I have allergies.
I own a whole farm!
I like animals.

What's your favorite genre of music?


Your idea of romantic...

Giving your dream girl hand lotion
Saying "I love you."
Holding hands.

I'm a HUGE romantic so while I'm reading or watching a movie, at the romantic parts I'll squeal or smile a lot.

So cute.

Have you ever cheated on past girlfriends?

Yeah. My last girlfriend was awful.
Once. But I'll never do it again. It was the biggest mistake of my life!
No way! That's a terrible thing to do!