what ice cream flavor are u

what ice cream flavor are u

take this quiz to see what kind of ice cream you act like! have fun! :D

published on June 30, 201248 responses 16 3.1★ / 5

what's your favorite color?

purple or blue
well there's green, yellow, black, brown, silver... did i miss one?

what do you do at parties?

go right for the boys! maybe i'll see my crush!!!
eat sugar!
usually i go play barbies with the girls, sometimes i dance, eat, drink, look at the boys wishing i was a boy, seriously! i think i missed one!

which site do you go on the most?

facebook and this site... but sometimes i fall asleep while i'm on the computer, and dream about my hot crush!
well sometimes i go on smosh.com, barbie.com, this site, quizzila, quibblo, and wait... i just know there's at least one more!

were you embarrassed at all today?

well my brother walked in my room while i was getting dressed, took a pic and put it on the internet :/
well, today i sung in front of my dad and i got in trouble with mom, today i found out i'm on smosh.com for picking my nose on camera, and wait! i think i have like 1 more!

did you like my quiz?

yes. it was sweet. sweet like my crush. wait what? sorry i was day dreaming again...
it was sexy, nice, good, kool, awesome.. wait, 1 more!

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