will your first date with alois trancy go as you both dreamed?

or does a cruel God have another plan? alois just wants to cuddle you and make you his bitch, but... what do you want to do?

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Alois asks if you want to try something new for dinner.

Feed me, daddy
yush yes! oh yes! i luv new things just like i luv you, aloey~(=*v*=)
I will eat whatever
I assume he wants his ass eaten and breath heavily
No thanks I have a boyfriend
We already ate din din tho

Whatever you picked, Alois starts taking his pants off in the grand dining hall of his grandmother's mansion. you see that he has a tiny dick which floops inbetween his legs.

make fun of his dick
call his dick cute
breath heavily and collapse off your own chair
also takes out your dick
look him in the eyes
oh god no

Alois grimaces and you notice the muscles in his thighs being pulled, as if his asshole is closing the portal to hell. then, his dick grows 2 inches and it's a huge ass weiner and metal solid. alois twirls around and heavily breaths "ta da"

heavily breaths
repeat "ta da" mockingly

you lean in for a suck but Alois stops you and asks "whats your favourite color, y/n?"


"Me too" replies Alois with glowing, enamoured eyes.
and how do you want this date to go?

i dont care
i hope its shit and that we never amount to anything and you die
*face pelts into his dick very hornily*

Alois smiles painfully. "Ooh, i see," he comments. he suddenly takes a hissing (heavy breathe) as his ballsack lights up like twinkle toes. a familar chime rings throughout the dining room and you

jump back confused
are still grabbing the proper spoon to eat that tight ass of his when he's
are not okay with anything happening and run away, ending the date

Aloe vera Train c flushes bloody maroon. he troddles until he faces away from you and grabs his dick, satisfying and muffling the phonelike ringing. then his arm lowers and you watch as if you're trying to solve a 1000 piece puzzle with chopsticks. there is a soft lock of something being unattached and then alois raises his arm. in hand is his penis. alois strokes one of the balls upwards and it moves along the literal cylinder of the penis. he unhands it and the ball stays at the top, giving the removable penis the shape of an old fashioned telephone. of course, this all happened much quicker than described, and your initial reaction is that of ___

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