are you pregnant?

are you pregnant?

your not so sure if you are pregnant or not? take this quiz and find out if you are or not.

published on June 28, 201298 responses 15 3.3★ / 5

have you felt sick lately?

i've been throwing up everyday for the past week
not really

how long have you been thinking you're pregnant?

about 1 to 2 weeks
a month
i don't think i'm pregnant

have you had sex with a guy in the past 1 to 2 weeks?

yeah my boy friend/husband
no not at all

by taking this quiz for FUN, you mean...

no, i think i'm really pregnant
i'm just a kid but i'm taking this quiz for fun cuz i want to see if my result will be yes

are you ok?


do you feel pains in your stomach?

not really only once.

have you been eating a lot lately?


when was the last time you had your period?

3 to 4 weeks ago
more than 6 weeks ago
yesterday or last week

how has your poop been?


has your pee burned?

yeah, it has for at least a week.

are you taking this quiz just for fun or because you seriously think you might be pregnant?

i'm pretty sure i might be pregnant.
i'm taking this quiz for fun

right now, hat are your cravings?


do you feel mental illness?

no i'm not mental!
a little

does your crotch feel good?

yeah it feels a little sexy
no, what do you mean?

have you been sweating a lot?

yeah, even when i'm cold.
only when i'm hot.

do you feel invaded?

no not really

is your belly big?

only cuz i'm over weight
if i am pregnant, not yet. i've only been thinking i'm pregnant for about a day.
yes!!! i'm usually skinny!!!

do you feel depressed a lot?

for maybe 1 or 3 weeks

how high is your blood pressure?

real high!!
pretty low