how do you handle embarrassing moments

how do you handle embarrassing moments

If you want to find out the way you usually handle embarrassing moments, take this quiz. it's really fun and cool.

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you are getting changed and realize your curtains and windows are open. you are butt naked and everyone sees!

i would blush and freeze. EVERYONE is laughing.
i would cry! everyone sees me naked and boys are staring at my boobs!
"hehe" walk away in slow motion. you turn red.

you have practiced so hard on the piano and you mess up at the concert! EVERYONE is laughing at you.

i would turn red. it would be hard to keep playing with people laughing.
i would say " there's supposed to be a pause in the middle"
cry and run off the stage to the bathroom and never come out.

you are jumping on your trampoline, so hard your pants and undies fall down! what do you do??

i blush my face off. everyone is staring at me!
i just quickly get them back on and blush a little
scream and cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your crush found out you like him! he is laughing his face off!

i would blush and die
i would say "yeah... only the thing is, i wasn't gunna ask u out anyways.. so... yea... can you stop laughing?"
run away blushing and crying so hard

does this quiz make you feel a little embarrassed just thinking about those things happening?

hell yeah!
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sure?
i'm crying just thinkin about this!

you are in the changing room at walmart. the door does not have a lock so someone walks in on you while you are in your sponge bob bra and underwear!

i would freeze. this person is STARING at my bra.
say " i'm not relly a fan of sponge bob so yea.." and slam the door back shut.
cry and close it

you pee your bed at your friend's house. she is laughing and posts it to facebook and tells everyone at school. you?

don't be her friend anymore and blush everyday.
that's gross i don't wet the bed!
i would cry but die!!

lol i'm still laughing about the last question who wets their bed??

obviously me!!! "tears again"
well this is embarrassing!
yea umm bitch i don't wet the bed so yea... u prob do lolz

ok so yea bye!!!

umm bye?
yea so U TOO!!
wahhhhhhhhhhh "cries"