What commander are you at the battle of Waterloo?

What commander are you at the battle of Waterloo?

this quiz will decide at the end what commander you are most like from Waterloo.

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Do you value your men's lives? How would you protect them?

yes i do. I would protect them by putting them on the
reverse slope.
Yes i do but i know they will march strait at the enemy
they need no protection!!!
Yes i do i will protect them in any way possible!!!

What do you look like? How old are you? And what is your physical state of health?

I am short.
I am tall
I am plump.
I am quite old.
I get ill quite a lot.
I have a slight beard

What would you do if you were losing a battle?

Look at every way of defeating my enemy before
Retreat if the battle is going terribly i must keep my
grand army in good shape!!!
Carry on fighting. To the death!!!

Do you love your men?

Yes i do they are my brothers in arms.
No my army is made of thieves and drunkards i do not
love them!!! But they do do there job.
I am not sure.

What type of soldier do you value most in your army?