Which sharpe character are you?

Which sharpe character are you?

this quiz will at the end decide which sharpe character you are most like

published on June 24, 20126 responses 1

Are you a good shot?

yes people say i am a very good shot
yes but not as good as hagman
does't bother me whether i am or aren't i am a good
general thats all that matters.
definitely i am an amazing shot!!!
i suppose.

Do you think of your self as loyal to your men and friends?

i like to think of myself like that.
yes definitely i will protect them however i can.
i am yes.
i am if they are to me.
i am if they do the right thing

Are you a good leader?

yes i am if people listen to me.
yes i am people will follow me to hell.
i believe so yes
i keep a cool head in bad situations so i think so.
not that good no but better than most people.

What rank would you most like to be.

a sergeant
a Corporal
i don't mind
a great general
a rank were i can take control.
a well respected brigadier in charge of a brilliant

Are you fond of a nice drink down at the pub

no i do not mix with riff raff.
yes i like a drink with my men
yes it gives me a break
yes but not to much i learnt my lesson when i drank to
yes as long as my enemy's are far away.
yes as long as my commander lets me.