Midnight Forest Personality Quiz (1)

Midnight Forest Personality Quiz (1)

Take the Midnight Forest personality quiz for guys!!! Find out if your a good guy or a bad one!

published on September 09, 201010 responses 2
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Theres a party full of girls and your the only guy there. What do you do?

Make out with every girl and go crazy on the dance floor.
Ignore the girls and look for a place to do work.
Look for the hottest girl and then hit on her best friend just to make the hot girl get pissed off.
Observe the girls and talk to the one who has a fiery temper and try to get her angry.
You don't hit on a girl, you just find one that loves sports and start talking to her
Find a couch and crash on it, ignoring all the noisy girls.
Make out with the hottest girl to make you seem cooler and better.

Two girls wearing almost nothing are fighting in a club, what do you do?

Pick a fight with the biggest guy at the club, no girls are gonna beat you at fighting.
Sit down on a stool and watch from afar, too lazy to get a closer view.
Ignore the fight and dance with other girls in the club.
Watch, hell I'm the one who instigated the fight.
Enjoy the fight, but for the heck of it you throw another girl into the fight.
Ignore the fight and make sure that all your tasks are on point.
Watch and start cheering for the girl with the hottest body.

In the cafeteria, someone throws their milk and their chili cheese fries on you, what do you do?

Get pissed at him for ruining your looks, you take off your shirt and punch him.
Nothing, you don't deal with retarded fights and you don't like wasting your voice on such stupid terms.
Walk out before you get the urge to kill the guy.
Nothing, instead of walking over to your home and cleaning yourself up, you start eating the food off yourself to get cleaned.
Throw food at the biggest guy you can find and point at the first guy who threw the food and watch him get his ass kicked.
March up to him and kick his ass.
Throw back food and shout: "FOOD FIGHT!"

You see that a girl is about to be run over by a truck, what do you do?

Run in front of her and try to stop the truck with your bare hands.
Let her die, maybe throw a little girl in the trucks way for a more dramatic effect.
Just look at the girl, hoping for her to get killed so that it can cause a great deal and make your life enjoyable.
Wait and see if anyone will try to save her before you do to save your energy.
Run and save the girl without giving it a second thought.
Save the girl and then leave quickly because you don't want a scandal to form.
Save the girl and wait for the reporters to come so that you can become famous.

You just found out that you have an incurable illnees and that you only have two hours left to live, what do you do for the remaining two hours of your life?

Say: "Yeah right," and show off your muscles for everyone to see that your an arrogant bastard.
Makes no difference to you, you still continue to turn people against each other.
Spend the rest of your time organizing your files and data.
Fall to the floor and lie there until you die, too lazy to move.
Let things happen naturally and live your final two hours like you would any other day.
Party and down as much booze as you can while hooking up with as many girls as you can.
Try to do as much damage as possible so that the lives of many people will be scarred after you die.