Midnight Forest Personality Quiz

Midnight Forest Personality Quiz

Hey everyone! Take the Midnight Forest quiz and see which character your most like!

published on September 09, 201049 responses 6
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Your stuck in a room full of pink clothes, pink beds, pink shoes, pink walls, pink everything. How do you react?

Scream your head off and start ripping everything in sight. Practically wishing you were dead.
Scream happily and try on everything you possibly can. You feel like your in heaven and you love everything about the room.
Hide in a corner of the room and bang your head against the wall hoping that you'll wake up from the damn nightmare that you are in.
Nothing, you don't give a crap about colors.

Theres a sale at the mall and at the same time theres a major soccer game being played at a park right scross your house, which one do you go to?

Mall, why would I want to go to some stupid soccer game when theres a sale!
Go to the soccer game and cheer for everyone!
I would go to the place where more action was occuring, but I really wouldn't give a damn.
Go to the soccer game and shout out names when a goulie couldn'y block the ball.

Theres an earthquake and your stuck inside a building that is going to collapse at any moment, but its raining hard outside. What do you do.

Run outside and start cursing at the damn sky for ruining your sleep.
Get my favorite soccer movie and then run outside and check that there aren't any people hurt.
Stay inside covered in blankets and start screaming : "I'm not going out there! My hair and clothes will get ruined!"
Nothing. Just stay in the bed and wait to see if you can live when the earthquake is over.

There's a fight happening right in front of you, then somehow you get mixed up in it, what do you do?

Scream and try to get out saying "My hair, not my hair!"
You smile and start pounding the person who got you in the fight.
Hit back and start hurting the person who is getiing less beaten up. Then you just standby and see who gets hurt the most
While they are smacking you, you smack the person who started the fight and tell them to stop.

You see someone bleeding to death, what do you do?

Run for help but your pissed that they interrupted your karate lessons.
Get help, and then while the person is still bleeding you try to soothe them.
Scream and go get help, once the person is taken care of you ask for assistance with your blodd-stained outfit.
Look at the bleeding person and you seem fascinated by their blood. You get distracted and just just let them die.