Supernatural Love Story Part 2

In this sequel to the first one, your love will be tested to see who you truly love. The third part is coming soon!

published on June 19, 2012113 responses 17
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You and your best friend got out safely and her mom drove her home. Your mom texted you and said she wont make it home for the weekend. You're alone again. The three boys are standing in a line and one of them walks over to you and gives you a hug. Who is it?

Draco probably wouldn't do that so most
likely Daniel.
Daniel. Who else?

Daniel apologizes for all the confusion and promises to explain. Draco punches him in the arm and the three gather away from you to discuss something. From the bits and pieces you gather, Draco is concerned you can't be trusted. Daniel knows you are trustworthy, Joshua's just rolling with it. Afterword, Daniel smiles at you and the three lead you to a mansion in the middle of the woods. They offer you a room. You thank them and try to get comfortable in the new room. You are thinking...

Why did I let them take me here. Except
now I can get to know Draco better...
Daniel is so nice.
Do you think Joshua would mind if I started
calling him Josh?

After everyone is asleep, you hear someone knock at your door. You can't sleep anyway and decide to see who it is. Draco barges in your room and starts kissing you. At first he's forceful but gradually becomes more gentle but demanding. How do you react?

Should I be doing this?
No, this is so wrong. I pull away and run to
Daniel's room.

You relish in the kiss for a bit longer but reluctantly pull away. You notice his eyes have gone from black to red. You ask what that's all about. He sits with you and tells you the whole story. He's a vampire, Joshua's a werewolf, Daniel's an angel, and together they fight daemons. Do you believe him?

Yeah. Of course. Don't really want to test it
anyway if he's really a vampire. Wait, I
kissed a vampire! :)
Maybe. I trust Daniel's word more.
I need proof. If Joshua's a werewolf, I'll go
ask him about it.

The next morning, you take a walk with Daniel and he surprises you by taking your hand in his. You guys get in a personal conversation and he starts to lean in for a kiss. What do you do?

I guess I'll kiss him, but with my eyes open!
Kiss him! Duh!
Tell him about Draco.

You tell him what happened with Draco instead of kissing him because you're not sure what to do. Daniel still looks hurt but understands. He says you should follow your heart. If you really like Draco, then don't worry about Daniel and go for Draco. You tell him...

No, Daniel, it was a mistake. You're the one
I really like. (then we kiss)
Actually, I kind of like Joshua.
All right. Thank you so much for

On the way back to the house, you see Joshua walk in form the woods. You wave and tell him you're going to make breakfast. He says, "You? Make breakfast? This ought to be good." You reply...

Ignore him. You're too happy about Daniel to
let him get to you.
Ignore him. You're too happy about Draco to
let him get to you.
Reply: "I'll have you know that I won first
place in a cooking competition!"

Both of you go inside and start making the same dish for everybody. You both decided to have a cook off. Instead, you guys end up having a food fight and Joshua picks you up and spins you around the kitchen. You see someone through the window outside.

Uh-oh, it's Daniel. He's back. What if he sees
me with Joshua after I told him he's the one
I like?
It's Draco. Darn. Maybe he won't see us.
Nobody. It's just Joshua and me