Supernatural Love Story Part 1

In this first part of Supernatural Love Story you will encounter three amazing guys in this quiz. They all have their little secret. Your answers will determine which boy you will fall for. Part 2 will be coming soon.

published on June 19, 2012182 responses 10
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You get home from school and your mom still isn't home yet. As you toss your bag on the couch, you hear your phone vibrate. Your best friend just sent you a text. She wants you to go to a party with her. What do you say?

No, I'll stay in tonight.
heck yeah!
Maybe later

You get to the party and there's a lot of people. You find the snack table but you can't see your friend in the crowd. You grab a soda and run into somebody. The soda spills all over him. You look up and see dark intense eyes staring angrily at you. The boy is unusually handsome and has dark wavy hair that just touches the tips if his ears. He has perfect lips and is extremely pale. In your mind you're thinking...

Oh my gosh. I did not just do that to this
sexy man!
Nothing. All thoughts and feelings have been
completely erased.
Whoops. Sorry pal. Is he ok? He's really

The gorgeous boy walks around you and heads to the bathroom. You still can't find your friend but you want to make sure he's all right. Plus you owe him an apology.

What apology? He ran into ME. I'm going to
find my friend.
I'll check up on him. Then find my friend.
My friend will probably never show up. So I'll
go hang out with major hunk.

You decide to go check up on the hottie but then you finally spot your friend. She waves you over and you forget about the apology. She introduces you to a new kid at school. He has blue eyes, angel soft blonde hair that brushes his eyelashes. He has the sweetest smile you have ever seen and when he says, "Hello, it's nice to meet you," in a British accent you think...

Oh my gosh, he's British! so hot! <3
Really, another guy. Ugh
My heart melts and my stomach is on a
roller coaster.

The hottie says his name is Daniel. He says he's here with his cousin, Draco. He also has another cousin, Joshua who couldn't make it. Daniel asks if you want to take a walk to get some fresh air.

Great idea! Only I won't be able to breathe
not he walk either cause he's still around. I
think I'm in love!
Sure. Why not?
(sigh) I guess so. Just to be nice.

On the walk, you and Daniel start a conversation about school. You're following a path in the woods. Suddenly you hear a twig snap. You turn around and swear you see a pair of golden eyes watching you. Then, a man steps out of the trees. He has brown hair, golden eyes with silver speckles and a muscular build, similar to Daniel's and the other boy you saw tonight. In your head you are thinking...

Can this night get any better? *squeal*
Daniel save me!
Wow. That's all I have to say. Wow.

The cute guy introduces himself. His name is Joshua. He asks if you've met Draco. Suddenly you realize he must've been the other guy. You describe him to Joshua and he confirms that you've met him. He thinks it is funny you spilled soda all over him. What are you thinking at this point?

Okay, Daniel can we continue our romantic
walk? I still want to kiss you before the
night is through!
Wow, his laugh makes me get butterflies.
I wonder how Draco's holding up at the

Out of nowhere, Draco appears and not seeing you at first blurts out, "There's trouble at the party. Just as we suspected." When he sees you, he eyes Daniel as if to say, "What is she doing here?"
Daniel turns to you and says, "I'm sorry there is no time to explain.We must get back to the party as soon as possible." You say...

"Wait, Daniel,what's going on?"
"Hold up, Draco, I'm following you!
"Joshua, what's happening?"

You follow the boys back to the party and find that the house you were in a half hour ago has caught on fire. People are rushing out of house and you are searching frantically for your best friend. You don't see her and run inside the house. The three boys run after you. You find your friend hiding in a corner. You tell her it's going to be okay and try to lead her out of the house. A beam from the ceiling falls in front of you, blocking your way. A dark figure passes over you and lifts the beam. Who is it?