How you feel like today

How you feel like today

Are you bored and don't know what to do then take this quiz and find out what you should be doing!

published on June 19, 201229 responses 11 4.1★ / 5

Do you feel hyper or tired?

Most definitely tired.
Most definitely HYPER!
A little bit of both.

Do you feel friendly or not?

Not in the mood for talking so no.
I don't feel that friendly I kinda just need to
refresh my mind.
Soooo friendly.
I feel active so maybe do something outside with
my friend.

This quiz is short what did you think about.

makes me feel tired.
I need to share this with a friend.

WAIT! Its not over. Do you feel like proceeding?

Not really.
Not in the mood.
I'm getting hungry.
Yes. THEN when its over I'll tell my friend about it.

Are you getting the sense on what you should be doing?

No not really thinking about it.
Sort of.
(Stomach growl) Yes.
Sure if it make you happy.