Which the next step girl are you?

Which the next step girl are you?

Find out whether you are most like Riley, Emily, Beth, Tiffany or Michelle in this fun filled quiz!

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The person you love confesses their love to somebody else even though they know you love them. How do you react?

Have a serious word with the person they confessed their love to. How low of them? 😡
Confront the person you love and ask them why they would hurt you like that. Make
sure everyone hears you.
Cry quietly and dance it out. There is nothing else you can do.
Hold a serious grudge against them. Don't talk or make eye contact. They'll soon wish they didn't do it.
Flirt every day with him, he'll soon wish he'd confessed his love to you.

You were given the Nationals solo, but suddenly Miss Kate gives it to someone else!! What do you do?

Declare a dance battle. Whoever wins, gets the solo
Have a small chat with Miss Kate asking her why. She will respect me if I respect her.
Get over it. After all more time to spend SHOPPING!!
Leave the studio, if you can't have the solo there, you can get it somewhere else.
Act like you didn't want it anyway, but scream and cry at home.

You get bumped down to B - Troup, because a better dancer has arrived. What do you do?

Confront Miss Kate, asking her why she would ever do this to you.
Work hard in B - Troup. You'll soon get your spot back.
Make the new dancers life a misery, then they will surely leave.
You know your friends will get you back up there, so you don't bother doing anything.
B - Trouo is just as good as A - Troup so it doesn't bother me!

You are at the mall and you see somebody flirting with your boyfriend in a different shop. What do you do?

Leave it, and give him time to explain the next day.
Leave the mall in fury and rage, delete his number and never talk to him again.
Confront him, in front of everybody
Wonder why, but not really care. You know he loves you.
Get everyone you know to turn against him, he won't be mad at you, just at everyone else.

What do you do for your bets friends birthday?

Go to the city with her and have a Starbucks, and talk about BOYS
Take her to the mall, and buy her everything she wants.
Make a dance for her, she loves to watch you
Sing a song for her that you found on the Internet, and pretend you wrote it.
Take her on a picnic, bake her cookies and caked that spell out: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

What style of dance do you prefer?

Hip hop

What would you most want to get on your birthday?

A dance scholarship
Your crush to ask you out
A perfect date with your boyfriend and cookies
To win a dance competition

Which colour is your favourite out of these?