WWFFY - Sonic, Silver and Shadow (4)

WWFFY - Sonic, Silver and Shadow (4)

The girls and you give the boys a makeover! I wonder how this will turn out! :o

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You, Aurey and Amy grab the makeup and run downstairs in your pjs, giggling like crazy. Aurey and Amy place the makeup on the glass coffee table in the living room. "Hey, ___! Go and get the boys!" Calls Aurey, giggling. "Okay!" You reply and walk into the kitchen. Silver and Shadow are in there, making a sandwich each. You clear your throat which catches their attention. "Uh..um..hi. Amy and Aurey want you in the living room..now." You say, smiling a little. Silver puts down his sandwich and smiles at you. "Okay. What for?" He asks.

"Uh..well.. it's a surprise! Come on."
"Heh..It's a surprise. I can't say." *puts finger to lips*
"..It's a surprise.."

"Surprises? Hmph, I hate surprises.." Grumbles Shadow. He crosses his arms and looks away. You look at him and sigh, annoyed that he ruined the mood. "Just ignore him, ___." Silver leans in and whispers in your ear, "Maybe you and the others can convince him somehow." You shrug. "Maybe.."

Omg Silver whispered in my ear!~ eee~ o//o
Where's Sonic? D:
I hope I can convince Shadow. :I

Silver walks into the living room and Aurey and Amy start to talk to him. You and Shadow were left alone in the kitchen. You look at him, trying hard to not look at him in the eyes. You stand there in silence with him.

Awwkwaard... (I know right xD) :I
Say something I'm giving up on you..~ (nice :3 I like that song!) :)
Come on, say something Shadow! D:

AFter a while the silence was broken by Amy. "SONIC! Sonic come down into the living room!" Amy shouts up the stairs. You could hear Aurey and Silver mumbling and Sonic speeding down the stairs. You sigh and finally say something, "Come on Shadow. It'll be fun!" He looks at you in the eyes and raises an eyebrow. You blush and then distract yourself by saying:"Have a change of heart for once." Trying your hardest to be cheerful. Finally, Shadow sighs and walks towards you. "Okay, okay. I will come." He walks past you and into the living room.

Finally! Gosh, he takes so long...
Woot! Now let's do their make up!
Shadow looked me in the eyes! Eeep!~ o//o and yay! I get to do makeup stuff now!

You, Aurey and Amy sit the boys down in the living room and get your make up ready. You look at all three boys, their faces in pure horror. "What..what are you going to do to us?!" Sonic squeaks, staring at the makeup in your hands. "Oh nothing much..we're just going to give you a...MAKEOVER!" The boys gasp. Sonic looks likes he's going to die ; Silver is blushing and covering his face with a pillow and Shadow's face is as hard as rock. It looks like he's going to flip a table! You girls giggle and choose your boy...


Sorry that this part was short and boring! Now I will reveal the pictures of the made up boys :3