Talk with Forest!

Talk with Forest!

Let's see if you and Forest get along. Forest will start off, good luck!

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Forest: It's nice to meet you!

You: Nice to meet you too
You: Don't care

Forest: Grr....

Forest: What is your favorite food?

You: I have lots!

Forest: I have a lot of favorite foods too :)
You: Hmmm it's very hard

Forest: sometimes its hard for me too! :)
You: Ugh, why do you care!?

Forest: It's just a question! Jeez!

Forest: Do you think Athena is right for me?

You: You and Athena are a perfect match! Trust me!

Forest: Okie :)
You: I don't really know all about Athena

Forest: It's okay! Lemme tell you all about her
You: She is just a dumb dog

Forest: Ugh when is this test over? I want to get away from this person

Forest: Do you like reading books?

You: Yes!

Forest: I like books too! If only I can read.
You: I don't really like to read...

Forest: It's ok! Reading sometimes IS boring even though I like books

You: I thought you can't read

Forest: I can't. That's why I like flipping the pages

You: Ooohhh okay!
You: I don't like you, Forest!

Forest: Me don't like you too

Forest: We are almost done

You: Noo I want you and me to talk more

Forest: Me too :)
You: Imma miss you Forest

Forest: Imma miss you too
You: Yes! Almost over! I don't have to talk to the dog that shows off!

Forest: it's not my fault I'm popular!

Forest: What is your favorite animal?

You: any animal that is small

Forest: Oooh yay!
You: Any animal that is big

Forest: Nice!
You: I like all animals!

Forest: We get along just fine! :)

You: Yes we do! :)
You: Hmph! Can't believe I'm talking to the most spoiled dog!

Forest: Can't believe I'm talking to the most rude person!

You: you said that wrong!

Forest: Bro! I'm a dog! What do you expect for me to do take grammar classes?!

Forest: What is your favorite season?

You: Summer!

Forest: Yas

You: Yas!!
You: Winter

Forest: get the hot coco and get the blankets warm!

You: Yas
You: Spring

Forest: Wonderful Spring!

You: Yas :)
You: Fall

Forest: Somebody make a leaf pile deep enough so I can jump in it!

You: Whoop Whoop!
You: I don't have a fav season

Forest: It's ok
You: All seasons!

Forest: Yay
You: I'm not telling you!

Forest: hmph

Forest: Do you like school?

You: Yes!

Forest: Whoop Whoop
You: Nah. It's boring

Forest: My puppy school is boring too

You: Welcome to the club, bro
You: Why should you know?

Forest: I forgot.. I'm talking to you!

Forest: Can we be BFF's?

You: Yes!

Forest: Yay
You: Ok, sure

Forest: Yip Yip Hooray!
You: No

Forest: FINE!

You: FINE!

Forest: It's the end!

You: No don't leave me!

Forest: We are still friends! There will be a part two coming up!

You: Yay!
You: Finally! Goodbye!

Forest: Ugh! Goodbye