Would you be an actor?

I really want to be an actor and i just thought of this. I know a lot about acting and it is hard work. Take this quiz to find out if you will be! As long as you want to be an actor, take this quiz!

published on August 15, 2019 8 responses 0 5.0★ / 5

First up! on a scale from 1 to 10(ten being highest) How much do you want to be an actor?


How much would you practice?

all the time/sometimes/ most of my time

Are you already a professional actor, dancer, or singer?

no, but i want to be
yeah, but i'm quitting it
no and never will

Do you enroll in school plays and drama clubs?

No, i wish
No and never will, i hate acting!
Yes, but I wiash not!

(doesn't effect score) Did you like this quiiz?