What Chocolate are you? (2)

Everyone like chocolate, right? RIGHT!? Well this quiz will tell you what kind of chocolate you are.

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Its Christmas! What's your Fav gift to get?

Books! I Love Books!
A new skateboard or a gift card to Dicks Sporting goods!
Clothes! I always have room for a new top or some heels!

YAY! Its finally summer! Were could you be found during you first week of freedom?

I Could totes be found at the Mall! I love looking at the summer sale racks!
The Skate park! I Love hanging out with my friends!
My room! I Love to be just reading or catching up on the latest episode of my fav show!

When You attend a Party You are Wearing...

A Big Fancy Dress! But not too over bored!
A Lightly Colored Dress! I always go simple!
Pants and a t-shirt! I always want to have some comfy clothes for the evening!

Last But Not least What do I do when a friend is sad because she lost a sporting event?

I Told her she did a good job and when The next game comes she should get up on her feet and try again!
I tell her she did her best!
I Cheer her on the next game! I love letting her know I'm always in the crowd!

If You find out your moving and have to make new friends, who do you hang out with?

I'll Just stick to my usual a small group of people I stick with for the year or just one bestie forever!
The Whole School! Or at least I'll Try. When I have to make new Friends I Try to find as many as I can!
Ill Go on and try to tackle a nice group of people while still keeping my grade up!

Oh No! School prom is coming up and you have no date! What do you do?

I go with a group of my friends that don't have a date either! we can still have fun!
I Find a Date ASAP! nothing can be worse then showing up to prom with no date!
I Stay home! Nothing can be better then relaxing at home doing my own thing!

My family is holding a Halloween party this year! What do I go as?

I go as a Fairy! I can look pretty and fly! Now that's a combination!
I go as a Monster! Scaring people is my specialty!
I go as myself! Who says I have to dress up? Well maybe the invite might...

Oh my! You spot a cute boy at school! Quick what do you do?

I head strait For it! First I Make sure he is Happy to be around me for a while then make my Move!
I just hang out with him! who says a girl and a boy cant hang out and just "Be Friends"?
I will try to be the nicest I can to welcome him to the school! And if he Happens to be single, well, the lucky me!