fiesta friends

which tru fiesta friend are you!? ahahhahhah we need more words blah blah blah

published on June 05, 20173 responses 0

When we make plans what role do you play?

I make the plans
I show up
Sometimes Im there
I avidly contribute to the plans
I help

How drunk do you get

I fully boost *giggles*
They never buy enough for me
I have a good time
Theres no middle for me, its either soooo much or not at all
Perfect drunk level

Where is your ideal night out w the gals

Music Bar
Chilling in someones backyard
Nice fancy Dinner
Walking the streets to meet new people

What snaps do you send in the group chat

complaining about my life/my cat
music videos
snaps w who Im with
random videos of me

how long does it take you to answer the group

after i answer my snaps
straight away
when something funny happens
when its important
sometimes answer (but I'm always there)

whats your typical snap story

cute pic when I'm getting food w friends/fam
the occasional time I go out I always document it
when Im at parties or osc/bels
good vibe tings
me talking

if you had $1,000,000 what would you buy


what do you wear on the daily

scarves, booties, ripped jeans
tee, jeans, sneaks
turtle neck, mom jeans, sneaks, hoops
crop top, jeans, heels, hoops
leggings, sweater, converse

what does your morning routine entail

6am wake up, 20min makeup, straighten hair, breakfast, subway trekkkkk
latest possible wake up time, 3min shower, 15min makeup, spends days finding outfit always wears
same thing, coffee and half a bagel, leave at latest time possible but never late for school.
wake up, cover hair w product, green smoothie, 50/50 chance of being on time
wake up late, straighten hair, plan outfit, wash lips, brow gel and mascara! breakfast and ride to
second period
wake up early asf, check snaps, shower, makeup, COFFEE and oscar time, prays bus isn't
inconveniently timed

what do your friends love about you :)

Her organization yet constant chillness, always sweet and brings us together as a group.( And has the
best house to chill at)
she always listens to what you have to say and is never negative and always puts you in a good mood
she is always down to chill with us even though she is way cooler and older but always makes time for
she cares about random little stuff that makes you happy and is compassionate. Always there for a
hype good time and never makes you do anything your not comfy with
gives the best hugs and never fails to make us laugh with the most random stories. She quirky and
cute and makes every time a fun timeee