What diary of a wimpy kid charactrr are you?

who are you greg rodrick manny rowley or even the pig take this quiz to see who you are

published on October 28, 20185 responses 0
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What do you like eating

Pizza is always cool
Anything that Greg doesn't like
I like sandwitches but not if they arent in quarters
I like vegitable brownies yummy
the stuff pigs eat

What do you do on weekends or whenever you can kick back and relax

Eating eating and eating
Making music with the loded diper
Playing with toys
Playing video games and reading comics
Playing car games with Greg YAY

What is your least favourite subject

Anything thing isn't eating
I guess I dont like P.E
I hate everything that isn't lunch
I don't have subjects because we just colour
Im quitting school because I hate it

Who is your least favourite person

Fregley or Vice Principal Roy
People who dont feed me
I like everyone so nobody
Everyone that isn't in loded diper
I dont like the kid who said he was a vampire and the kid in bad bradley

Who don't you want to be

The pig