What Character From My Story Are You? (1)

What Character From My Story Are You? (1)

Vampire Love is the story my characters in this quiz will come from! Who are you? Are you Sabina, Krista, Luna, Silvia, Kat, or Aurora? Go on try it! If you do not know the characters, you are still free to try this quiz!! :) Give it a shot and have fun!! :D

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Which one best describes you?

Loyal, independent, ready for anything that comes your way
Happy, kind, warm hearted
Creative, open minded, different
Sociable awkward, rather be alone, night owl
Inventive, leader, outspoken
Outgoing, jealous easy, confident

Which place would you rather be at?

Reading a book by a fire
Cooking or gardening
Laying in bed
Playing outside
Staying in your room

You have been asked out on a date by the guy you like! How do you answer?

Umm yeah sounds great
Yes! That sounds like fun!
Are you talking to me?
Yeah sure. See you then
Sure, but first do you like reading?
Yeah. When? Where? What time? What will I wear?

Do you enjoy getting dressed up?

NO. Takes too much time
Yes. It is fun.
I like have other people dress me up
I do not care too much for it but will do it
Eh. Do not really like it but will do it
Yes it is very fun! I love it

OK! For the people who have read my book. Which guy would you rather have? and if you have not, I will put a little description for you.

Sebastian (independent, loyal, protective)
Reyes (Bookworm, gentleman, trustworthy)
Niles (quiet, smart, loving)
Lucas (cocky, funny, helpful)
Jasper (different, socially awkward, does not care what people think)
Hale (outgoing, warm heart, kind)

Which is your favorite clothing?

tight shirt or T-shirt and shorts
Formal wear
Band T-shirts and skinny jeans
Whatever you want
loose clothes

What is your favorite color?

neon colors

Which music would you rather listen to?


What do you look for in a guy or girl?

Someone I can trust
Someone I give all my secrets too
Someone who enjoys reading
Someone who makes me laugh
Someones who is cute
Someone who does not care about what other people think

Which one would you rather have for your past?

Killing anyone that threaten my family. Even if it meant killing my evil mother or one of my sisters mother.
Seeing my mother lay in the floor dead
Almost drought
Could not save my mother from dying
Staying alone and unwanted
Realizing my life is nothing without my sister protecting me