When Will You Get Your Period? (3)

This quiz is for girls only and hopefully will give you a guidline on how much longer you will have to wait for your period.

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How old are you?


How much pubic hair do you have (hair down there).

Only a couple blonde hairs!
Turning darker- still not tons though.
Brown and curls
Covers most of the area
Dark curly brown and EVERYWHERE
Shaving is no longer an option, it's a MUST

How old was your mom when she got her period?

3 years younger
2 years younger
1 year younger
About the same age as me now
1 year older
2 years older
3 years older

How big are your breast?

Breast?!? I thought these were mosquito bites!
Small- don't need a bra
Started on a training bra!
Need support but not an accutual bra yet
A cul
B cup

How would you describe your breast? (yes another boob question)

Small but filling in
Round and semi full
Round and totally full
Definetly have women boobs

How much discharge do you have? (the goop in your underwear)

A little white stringy stuff
A decent among of white goop
Daily thick goop
So bad I have to wear pantyliners

How much hair is under your arms?

A few blonde whisps
Darkning only a tad
Not a lot of hair but it's dark now
Lots of dark hairm- shave weekly
Tons of hair-shave daily