My first sonic wwffy quiz

My first sonic wwffy quiz

Know I will do these once and awhile ok, good so plz enjoy, like, follow and comment. this is my first wwffy so plz don't hate.

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Today is a special but sad day... your birthday. You had no friends to come to your party. Instead you get the "special treatment" at school.

Is "special" Good (No)
Yay! I'm special!;)
Do I get cake?!
I hate birthdays

You start the day by birthday waffles and go to school, You get your birthday wedgie and free gift card for a knuckle sandwich. At lunch you give them your birthday lunch for there "kindness." Finally at the last bell you go see your surprise.

Why they so mean(Come get a hug)
Wow, my school sucks(No kidding)
I could have beaten up all of them
They should learn to be nice

After you get home Mom and Dad hug you and go back to work. You go to your room and listen to

I'm Ready By Ajr (Favorite song)
Working for the weekend
Endless Possibilites
Black Betty

You go for a walk on your favorite trail. Up the trail you see a large jewel. You pick up and see if the owner will come looking for it. Finally you get to your field and lay in the tall grass . A shooting star goes across and you you wish "I wish I had true, loving friends." You soon realize how late it is and go walk back to the trail but then then a explosion blows behind you. You land on your leg and break it. Before another explosion can hit you suddenly find yourself far from it.

It's(Don't spoil it!)
Hey I could have taken that whatever it was down(Sure you could)
I should not have walked by myself
I could have dodged it

You look up and see a blue alien but soon he runs at super speed to the fight. You try to stand up but fail. Soon the destroy whatever attacked you. You look in aw but felt a sharp pain in your neck and soon black out. You last hear "Shadow don't do that...not...must...mobius... emerald.

That was mean:(
He should have asked first
I will hit it in the(dont do it) ding dong.(good
I really should have seen that coming.

You wake up in a room that's not familiar to you.You try to run but fall on your face. Someone or something comes down the stairs to see what was the noise. They soon realize your awake "Hey she's finally woke up!" says the blue alien.

The blue ones cute O///O
Gross he's nakes (XD)
Why does he have no clothes on?(Good question)

"Hold on I'll knock her out again" replies the black alien.The blue alien exclaims "Whoa, its ok we need her and you might break her neck." The black alien leaves in a angered matter. "Sorry shadows usually like that by the way the names sonic, sonic the hedgehog."

Sonic's Cute
Shadows so Hot
*Sees silver one* Who's him (silver)*blushes*(Aww:)
They look friendly

"Never seen anything like you guys in my life!?" The other aliens look at you in confusion. "but your mobian aren't you?" says a small bunny. They grab a mirror to see your reflection. You see a reflection f/a (Favorite/Animal) and you yell "AHHH!" After they calm you down they give you some clothes since your clothes are too big now. When you come out all the boys blush.

sonic: You look cute in that outfit You:Thank you *blushes*
Shadow looks away but blushes (to yourself: aww.)
Looks at silver alien (To yourself: Cute Hairdo)
You look at the fox (To Yourself He's Blushing, So Cute)

That's all I got see ya later (Sorry its so short)

See ya
This sucks
That was fun