Steven Universe: Home world Or crystal gems?

I bet you think your a crystal gem! but are you really? plz anwer honestly!

published on September 06, 201515 responses 5 5.0★ / 5

What do you do when you get mad?

DEATH DEATH DEATH lol they are both the same!

Nice hat! said a man walking by. do you take that as a complement?

yeah. I tip my hat to him and keep walking.
clearly that was an insult

What is your evil intention?

evil? what evil? im not evil! im just trying t activate the kindergarden and make more gems! more gems=more friends!
nothing really. does saving a planet sound evil to you? it dosnt to me. I hope im not doing bad...

how do you engage in combat with a fusion?

I bring out my best and brace my self!
I isult them saying that fusion is stuped and pointless

what does the fox say? (ik,ik I hate this song to!)

um...? I like earth but idk why I would need to know that!
um...? whats a fox? is that a gem or something? oh I bet that's a human thing.

Who is your best friend?

a fellow gem
a human

where does a good home sound like?

A ship or homeworld
a house on earth!

are you a fusion?

um... duh!
no... but I like fusions!
never! fusion is just a cheap tactic to make a warrior out of weak gems!

what do you fight for?

I fight for earth
I fight for the home world!

what do you think you are?

a crystal gem! (so obius they are cool)
A home worlder! (nice! finaly we have someone to pick this!)

why did you take this quiz?

idk lol! I was just board!
just because...
I love you rose quartz you are awesome I love your quizzes!
I love steven universe!