Which teen story villian are you?

Which teen story villian are you?

Which teen story villian are you? Mackenzie Hollister from Dork Diaries,Angeline from Dear Dumb Diary,or Regina George from mean girls?

published on December 03, 20167 responses 0

what is your biggest aim

to lose weight
to make sure everyone is happy
to make sure your reputation is still perfect

who is your biggest enemy

mean bullies, it's so not right to give people a hard time,in my opinion
whoever made me gain weight
dorks . they're so pathetic

do my quiz on wich harry potter house are you in, and what is your results?


your closest friends

a girl with normal popularity and her friend , who is very good at fighting
my bff , who is an office assistant
members of my clique

describe yourself

filthy rich
cares about people

who do you think you will be

Mackenzie Hollister
Regina George

who do you care about about most

my bffs,as long as they don't stab me in the back

what makes you angry

gaining weight
someone ruined my reputation
someone got bullied