Write a Letter to Enji Todoroki!

Write a Letter to Enji Todoroki!

I'm bored. Take quiz. Write letter. Laugh. Find something else to do after. Good Luck. (Your writing to Enji from my Main AU!)

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What are you writing on?

Paper. What else should I be writing on?
The back of my shoe, covered in mud.
Toilet paper. No questions please.

What are you writing with?

Pencil. Mechanical Pencil.
Mud. What else?
Pen. Maybe gel ink? Not sure.

Choose your starter.

Dear Endeavor...
Greetings my Favorite Hero!....
Lets just get into this....
Listen Here you Little....
Wanna go to the dance with me?

First line?

I'm writing to ask you if you think I'd be qualified for your prestigious agency.
I'm writing to ask you for advice on how to someday be as strong as you! If you don't mind of course...
Your a horrible person who deserves life imprisonment!
Your so lucky I can't swear in this!
I'll be wearing a Shrek onsie or nothing ;) depends

Second Line?

I've grown to always wanting to attend an agency like yours...but then I noticed, your the only one of
your kind.
I don't want people to see me as soft anymore! And I thought i could ask you for advice into how to
prove them wrong...
I don't even know why your still on this earth!
Or else I'll tell you things they'd have to execute me for it!
I expect you to come in sweatpants! And cool down!

Third Line?

An agency like yours is something I can't compete with. An even if I was allmight in himself, i wouldn't
dare disrespect you.
My mommy says that you wouldn't help me, and that your a bad man. But if your a bad man then how
are you #1 hero?..
You should put into space with no protection and thrown towards the sun!
Why on earth would you treat your son like that!? Your entire family is in pain because of you!
Don't take this the wrong way!

Fourth Line?

I don't see why people dis like you. But I wanna be there to all these weaklings wrong!
Mr Enji? Would you train me? To be just like you?
Do you have no shame? No pride? No sympathy? No humanity?
Do you even love them for them!?
It is a Naked party of course!

Ending line?

I'm really looking forward to your response.
I would really appreciate it if you replied! Even if you don't accept..at least I'll know you thought about it!
You know what ENJI? Why don't you just screw off?
I will NEVER respect someone like you! EVER!
We'll be drinking nothing but naked! Or did you think something else? Haha


Written with Respect...
Love Your biggest fan!
Written with great hatred..
I don't Care