Could you and me be and item? (BOYS only)

It's kind of in the title I guess... So yeah I'm literally typing so that the thing will go green... There we go! (PS I'm doing this for a joke ok? Good)

published on February 17, 20169 responses 1 5.0★ / 5

Do you like someone who is funny?

Hell yeah! I need laughter in my life!
Umm not really. They kind of get on my nerves.
I guess so but not all the time.

Do you like reading?

Meh, I don't read PERSONALLY, but I haven't got a problem with it.
YES! I think reading is fun and exciting.

If my BFF was a boy, how would you feel?

I seriously wouldn't care. You do what you want.
You can't be BFF's with another boy! I'm your Boyfriend!
Well, OK... I trust you but I'm still worried about you...

What is love? (To you).

Passion for each other.
Trust and honesty
Always being together!

BAD HAIR DAY! What do you say to me?

Lie craftily and hope I don't find out.
Style my hair for me.
Ditch me for a girl with perfect hair.

What's your age range?


FINAL QUESTION: If I has a lot of Boyfriend's in the past, would you mind?

Yes, I want to be your one and only.
No, we all make mistakes, I just hope I'm not one of them.
Kind of, I mean, I don't want to become a distant memory.