Which character are you from cod zombies?

Guess who you are from cod zombies, starring the original four and origins one!

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What would you do if you meet unknown people?

Shout and ask who are them.
As the intelligent one, I'll convince them that we're all allies.
Nothing. Just...Nothing. Give a bad look I guess.
Leave. I do not want to get disturbs in my way.
Gun in hand, just for make sure that they are not enemies.
Allies, if the situation is extreme, we all have to automatically be allies.
No words. If I have a mission I have to complete it. If I have to kill them, I will.
Surprisely I'll probably just stare scared.

Zombies! Plans for survive?

A gun, Juggernog and the zombies are gone.
Select a strategic place and kill. When I have the points needed, leave and open the door.
Scream in fear, then with the help of my allies get the strength and fight!
Blood spilled all over the place sounds PERFECT to me.
Activate traps if it's needed, going alone sometimes...
Banzai like someone says. I'm fearless.
Patience and defend yourself but defend more your allies.

How would you define yourself?

Idk just leave me with my things...DON'T TOUCH THEM.
Crazy (?)

You have to act quick! Your allies are down! What do you do?

Revive them if its possible.
F*ck them I'M OUT!
I have more important things to save like MY ASS.
Quickly help them, even if I go down.
I can pass a round without them.
Do I really have to revive those idiots?
I'm to nervous to touch them! Okay no I'm not!
Get your ass up and go!

Boss here! What do you do?

Do not let that thing get near me.
Kill it!
Just sitting here waiting to KICK ASS.
Make a plan. Find the weak spot and finish him.
Surely help my allies.
Go for it, no matter what happens to myself.