which movie are you?

which movie are you?

did you ever want to see what movie title you are than your in the right place see if you part of hunger games or harry potter

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1. If your friend need back up to face a big kid in a fight what would you do?

help out and make sure the kid is knocked out
take over and have your friend not be in the
fight no more
you would say no and run away

2. If a really hot‹3 boy/girl came up to you and said "Hey” what would happen?

Tell that person how i feel about him/her ‹3
Kiss her/him on the cheaks‹33
be really nurves and faint:/

3. Have you read the books to eny movies?

yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes! :D

4. If a friend/family member died what would happen?:[

You will cry for a day than get back to what you where doing:/
Give you a month and you back on track:]
You would cry for months and you be depressed your whole life:[

5. What is you favorite movie? (The movies that are in the answers) :]

Hunger games:] ‹3
Diary of a wimpy kid :/

6. rating

Waste of my time :[
it was fun:]
It was boring:/