What does ALL the Harry potter characters REALLY think of you?

This quiz is for girls only!! It tells you what the Harry potter characters think of you! I know there are lots of quizzes like this but this one tells more!! And it's REAL!! So if you ever go to hogwarts you better try this quiz first...

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What house are you in?

Raven claw

What is your favorite character from these?

Madoka magika
Harry potter

What is your favorite color? ( If it's not here pick the one at least close to it)

pink and black
Purple and red
Purple and blue and black
Gold and green

Role play! You are in the hogwarts express. Who do you sit with?

My close friends/family
Draco , people who are in slytherein
Cedric diggory and slughorn
Golden trio

You are in the great hall and dumbledore is giving his welcoming speech, what do you think of him?

I think he is a crackpot old fool who teaches magic tricks!!
I think he is the greatest wizard in the world!!
I think he's ... Ok!
He's .... Terrible....

You are in transfiguration class, Mcgonagall turns her desk into a pig!! What is your reaction??

Glares and then laugh!!
Laugh and then clap
Stare but do nothing
Laugh: it's so funny!!

You are in potion class and snape/slughorn talks about the bezoar , what do you say?

You glare then laugh meanly
you say: what's a bezoar?
You say : I know....
You say nothing.... You think they are strange

You are in the common room, what are you doing?

Reading, drawing comics , or playing I pad/I phone games or taking to your friend
Reading,doing homework playing games with your friends , talking to your friends
Talking, reading a hogwarts book

What's your blood status?

Muggleborn there's nothing wrong about it!!
Half blood

Who is your best friend from these characters?

Cho Chang
Hannah abbot

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