which fred the movie character are you

which fred the movie character are you

have you seen fred the movie? if you have and liked it find out which character you are

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what kind of people annoy you

squeaky voiced kids
people who bully fred

what kind of person are you in school


what type of clothes do you wear

striped top and braces
tops and dresses
cap and jackets

what is your fave piece of clothing

my braces
all of my clothes
my cap

if you could have one wish what would it be

for fred to never be born
for judy to like me
more make up

to make your self more popular what would you do

fake a cool party
post a video of the person you hate most being sick on youtube
i`m already popular

how do you describe your self

popular thanks to my fake party
funny in a bully type way

what kind of friends do you have

all the girls
bullys and jocks
i only have one person thats like a friend

what style of hair do you have

blonde girls hair
messy tucked under my cap
blonde-brown swept to the left

what type of dreams do you have

me and my crush being together
beating up the person i hate
having parties and shopping