The Knazhir

The Knazhir

This quiz is for you to decide on which of the five dragon cults your character belong in.

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What is your character's profession?


What is the race of your character?


You got word that a fellow cultist has leaked information. How do you perform their punishment?

Murder them in cold blood.
Bring them in front of my superiors
to be dealt with accordingly.
Torture them until they have given
me every last bit of information.
Then murder them in cold blood.
Torture them until they have given
me every last bit of information.
Then let them go with a warning.
Challenge them to an honorable
duel, giving them a last chance of
Explain to them that what they did
was wrong and that they should not
do it again.
Try to obtain more evidence to see if
the person is in fact guilty.
Do nothing.

Your superiors have given you a target that must be eliminated. How do you go about doing it?

Make preparations to make the death
look like an accident.
Sneak up behind them in a dark alley
and slit their throat.
Challenge them to a duel.
Slip poison into their drink or food.
Suffocate them in their sleep.
Torture them until their will to live
is gone.
Get close and friendly with them,
until the time is right to strike.
Set an elaborate trap.
Persuade them to end their own life.

You found a perfect person to join the cult. How do you go about converting them to your cause?

Engage them in constructive
conversation. When it is time, I
pop the question.
Preach them on the matter and force
them into acceptance using superior
Torture them into submission,
breaking their will.
Use pleasure to your advantage,
coaxing them into acceptance.
Offer them a large sum of coin, large
enough to change their beliefs.
Murder them. They will be excellent
undead minions.
Force them into killing a loved one
to prove themselves worthy. If they
don't, you kill them instead.
Challenge them to battle. Defeat
them and show off your power. Offer
them a chance to join you or

Your position as infiltrator of the Cartel is compromised. How do you deal with the situation?

Murder as many of your enemies as
possible before they overwhelm and
kill you.
Attempt to contain the evidence
against you.
Try to re-establish good standing and
prove your worth to the Cartel.
Accept your demise and wait for the
enemy to kill you.
Accept your demise and kill yourself.