Which 2010 Formula 1 Driver Are You?

Which 2010 Formula 1 Driver Are You?

Find out which Formula 1 driver you are most like!

published on September 01, 201010 responses 1
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What do you think people like about you?

My excitement, friendliness, and passion for what I do
My steady, mature nature. People rely on me.
My natural skill, confidence, and passion for what I do.
My moral character and reliability.
My intelligence and technical skill. I can plot and plan with the best of them.
My go-get-em attitude. I won't be stopped.

What might people dislike about you?

I'm a bit bratty and self-absorbed.
Sometimes I just don't have the willpower.
I seem nervous sometimes.
I am sometimes overly competitive and smart-alecky.
When the mood strikes, I am aloof and anti-social.
On occasion, I am reckless and/or clumsy.

What do you think your driving style would be?

Fast if I can pull away, but a bit choppy back in traffic
Steady as she goes
Clever and technical
Flat-out fast. Total speed.
Overtaking, overtaking, overtaking
Bulldozing through... and cutting the occasional chicane when no one is looking...

What's your communication style?

Wide-eyed and innocent, coached to perfection
Confident and a little dismissive
I have a lot to say! And usually a big smile while I say it.
I'm fairly quiet, but honest.
Diplomatic and calm, but my hands are never still
I try to stay calm, but my emotions are usually obvious--elation or seething anger.
Easy, breezy, beautiful

If you were to sing a song while you were driving, what lyrics would you sing?

Move aside and let the man go through!
I'm runnin' down the dream!
Don't let the sun go down on me.
Roll! You better get out the way, get out the way.
It's not too late to feel a little more alive.
When all you got to keep is strong, move along, move along...
I'm not over!

What might surprise people about you?

I care about what's going on in the world.
I have friends. I really do.
There is a romantic side to me.
I like eggs.
I have a sense of humor. Really.
I've made a mistake. Maybe one...
I'm tougher than I look.

If someone threatens you, you...

Wave them off with a dismissive hand. They're no threat, really.
Try to figure out their weakness and use it in your defense.
Give them the cold shoulder. You're too grown up for stupid games.
Throw down your driving glove. It's time for a duel!
Thump them in the ear when the cameras aren't pointed your way.
Get confused. Why would someone threaten you? This is very upsetting...
Get upset at first, then try to find out why they have a beef with you.

How do you handle victory?

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Grin like a goof!
Take it like a man--proudly. Then go do a back flip.
Try to be smooth and calm and confident, but end up smiling quite broadly. Victory sign!
What a happy surprise!
Yeah, baby! Also, grin like a goof!
Make sure everyone knows how hard I worked for this, what a struggle it was, etc.
With confidence. I saw this coming.

Finally, pick a set of words that applies to you/appeals to you most.

Perfection, tidiness, confidence, smooth
Aggression, battle, famous, big-shot
Clever, cunning, strategy, tires
Calm, steady, team, persistance
Passion, pride, conquest, zeal
Cool, steady, goal, peace
Adventure, speed, excitement, passion