What Assassin's creed II character are you?

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What Assassin's creed II character are you?
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You are in jail and you need to get out, a present comes. What do you want in it that will help you break out?

Invisibility Cloak
Nothing, I deserve to be in here.
Zipline and portable window.

If you met your most threatening enemie and you the chance to kill him, would you:

Assassinate him, I depise him/her SO much!!!!
Kick him and run away!
Beat him up, that would be so funny!!!
Walk away like a moron.
Break his arm and run away, then you won't have to see him until he comes out of the hospital!!
Cal the guards to get him while you scoff down a nice hog roast.

If you were stranded what would you do?

Swim as fast as I can, hoping to find some random thing
Sit and cry,
until you die
Call for help
Drown yourself!!
Climb the nearest tree to find somewhere to go
Call for guards, knowing no-one will come

You come out of a shop with a chocolate bar assuming you like and someone comes and takes what do you do?

Kill him and regain what you lost!
Call the police.
Beat him up 'til he gives you it back!
Ask politely for it back.
Stalk him, when the moment comes steal it from him.
Put him in jail and demand it back!!

Which word describes you the most?