What is your Fashion Personality?

What is your Fashion Personality?

Find out what your fashion personality is! What do you think your personality is like?

published on June 08, 201274 responses 9
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You get a a bunch of coupons for the best store in the mall you

Give them away to someone else
Go crazy and shop til you drop!
Buy some stuff with them and give the rest away

You are invited to a party what do you wear?

Throw on a t shirt, jeans, and a pair of sneakers and go
Put on a dress and take 10 minutes to do your makeup

What is your favorite color?

Pink, green, blue, and purple
None of these

You just win tickets to a Justin Bieber concert you

Scream and figure out what to wear
Are excited but don't want to make it a big deal

Your crush asks you to hang out you

Say yes and go buy a brand new outfit
Say okay but don't really care about what you should wear

Its the school dance you

Go buy the cutest dress and find a date
Buy a dress and go with some friends